“The candidate demonstrates the heart and the skills required of a witch.”
That’s what the handbook for witches says, and Adriana is preparing to do just that. What is, “just that?” Who knows? The handbook is pretty unclear, isn’t it?

As preparation for the Class One Witch Examinations, Adriana has applied to apprentice under many powerful witches, and much to her surprise she gets accepted by three of the most powerful witches ever known – the Witches of Amalgam. That seems pretty awesome, doesn’t it? That is...until she learns they're all completely crazy.


Witch Apprentice is an interactive Yuri game where your choices influence the plot. Choose wisely in order to pass your witch examinations and possibly find love with Cassandra, Servant, and Rosalyn!


Game Credits:

Art: Olivia Nite (Razz)
GUI: Olivia Nite (Razz)
Writing: redeyesblackpanda
Coding: redeyesblackpanda
Music: Sam Umar (Sam12)

Special thanks:

Colorist: Izukwon
Nellie (Top logo)


MAde in Ren'py.